The Medstead Times

It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce that,

The Medstead Times is returning!

The First issue will be out by the Beginning of May, this will be the May and June issue. As a welcome back to the Medstead Times, The Medstead Village Hall Management Committee have therefore decided to have a copy of the first issue (only) to be hand delivered to every home (old and new) within Medstead Village. There will also be Magazines available to purchase in local shops within Medstead for whom would like to purchase a copy.  We are ever so grateful to all our unpaid volunteered distributors who are playing a massive part in helping provide every home with a magazine. 

For those of you that do not know, this local magazine is bought to you by Medstead Village Hall and is all about Medstead Village and updated information.  It includes, providing you with all the information about local events, Clubs and Organisations available. Important contact details and advertising local businesses.

Please Refer to the contact page if you would kindly spare anytime and would like to be a part of the making or distributing of the Medstead Times. 

Please Refer to the contact page should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Medstead Times.