The Medstead Times

The Medstead Village Hall’s Medstead Times made a return in May 2019. The first Issue of the magazine May & April issue was hand delivered to each and every home in Medstead late April 2019.  It is now very clear after hearing the public’s feedback The Medstead Times has indeed been missed and many are glad to see its return.

For those of you who may not know, The medstead Times is a locally sourced magazine, bought to you by a small group of volunteers, on behalf of Medstead Village Hall. The magazine helps provide the latest news, event information and updates from The Medstead Village Hall. The Magazine also provides all other local updates, a wide variety of interesting articles, fun stories and the latest important community news updates. Also found with in the magazine is information about local events, details of Clubs and Organisations that are available and open to new members. Plus find Important contact details and advertisements of local businesses.

As it stands there will be a new issue released every 2 months. A copy of the first edition was hand delivered to all homes in in Medstead and a copy of each issue will continue to be hand delivered to all subscribers living in Medstead. Should you wish to have each issue delivered to your home please see the subscription page for more information. Magazines are also available to purchase in local shops within Medstead including Nosh cafe bar and Medstead primary school, which can be purchased without any subscription.

The magazine’s are made up of around 51 pages, plus the front and back cover, and is A5 sized. The cost to buy the magazine is only £1 per issue.

All funds raised from the Medstead Times goes towards helping with the maintenance and running of the Medstead Village Hall.

Please Refer to the contact page if you would kindly spare anytime and would like to be a part of the making or distributing of the Medstead Times. 

Last but certainly not least We would like to thank all the people that help make the Medstead Times a success and our wonderful distributor’s and supporters. Without you the Medstead Times wouldn’t be possible.